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Taratsa International Film Festival Logo

Taratsa is an independent international short film festival based in Thessaloniki, Greece, organized by the cultural non-profit civil partnership 360 Degrees. It began in August 2014, as part of “Thessaloniki European Youth Capital”. Its purpose is to create a framework for the promotion of independent short films from Greece and all over the world -by bringing the audience closer to the production and establishing a place and time for the substantial interaction and artistic expression between the creators- as well as to present films that are considered benchmarks in the history of cinema.

This year's, fourth edition, of the festival ended successfully for one of the production of the Faculty of Radio and Television. Movie Disorder, directed by Julian Tałandziewicz, won the main prize in the category of Best Film.

13th Monterrey International Film Festival Logo

The Monterrey International Film Festival is one of the five largest Mexican film festivals, and certainly the most important in the north of the country.

During this year's 13th edition of the festival, viewers will be able to see one of last year's production of the Faculty of Radio and Television. Disorder, directed by Julian Tałandziewicz, will hit the main prize in the International Short Films category.

The festival starts on August 24 and will last for 8 days. For more information Visit the official festival's website.


42nd Gdynia Film Festival Logo

The Short Film Competition was created by combining two earlier competitions taking place within the framework of the Gdynia Film Festival - the Short Film Feature Competition and the Young Cinema Competition. The films were produced by four film schools, a theater academy and numerous producers.

This year's edition of the competition qualified five productions realized by the Faculty of Radio and Television: Badylok directed by Karolina Kłapkowska, Dregs directed by Kordian Kądziela, Nothing new under the sun directed by Damian Kocur, Sweet Home Czyżewo directed by Jakub Radej and The Frog King directed by Arek Biedrzycki.

The 42nd Polish Film Festival will begin on 18 September in Gdynia. For more information visit the official festival's website.

Suspense Film Festiwal Logo

Suspense Film Festival in Kołobrzeg is a cultural event whose programmatic idea is a projection of the best Polish and foreign sensational films, as well as an overview of the people who contribute to it. The festival was inaugurated in August 2012 and its host is Tomasz Raczek.

FIRST SHOT is a contest for young filmmakers. The task of the competition is the realization of the author's short feature film. During this year's edition of the festival, 1st place was won by The Return directed by Damian Kocur.

Euganea Film Festival Logo

Euganea Film Festival is the International Festival of Short and Documentary Films. It was founded in 2002 in Monselice, in the province of Padua, to promote the film. This year's, 16th edition, ended on 9th July.

The Return, directed by Damian Kocur, won the Best Short Award for the intense acting performance and the dense and engaging rhythm, which highlights a dramatic fragment of life of a woman and her family without patheticism. The script is essential and complete, telling a powerful story of a hard and sometimes obscure choice of human redemption.