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"Hello Grandma" / photo Kamila Chojnacka

The film "Hello Grandma", dir. Kamila Chojnacka has been nominated for the student competition of the Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival IDFA. Our documentary production is among only 11 short films selected from around the world.

"Hello Grandma" is a story about family, closeness and the difficulties of isolation. The action of the film takes place in the spring of 2020. The director of the documentary - Kamila Chojnacka records her immediate surroundings during the lockdown. The protagonists are: her husband, 1.5-year-old son, the director herself, and the grandmother, whom she can only reach by phone. "Hello Grandma" touches the joys, desires and longings that we all experienced when most institutions, schools and universities were closed.

Also a short documentary by our lecturer and graduate, Andrzej Cichocki, entitled "A Little Paradise", was invited to this year's short film competition. This is, in turn, a story about a Silesian family that in a corner of the metropolis reveals their world to the viewer and shares their moments of life, inextricably linked with the surrounding nature.

The Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival IDFA is the largest and one of the most important documentary festivals in the world. This year IDFA will be held in place and online from November 16 to December 6.


Six films produced at the Kieslowski Film School were included in the Short Film Competition of the 45th Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdynia.

Among the 27 films qualified for the competition, 6 are our productions. Our films that will compete for awards in Gdynia are: "Hi, How Are You" (2019), dir. Michał Chmielewski "Kattowitz" (2020), dir. Michał Piotrowski "Mother Dear" (2020), dir. Zuzanna Sorówka "The Last Days of Summer" (2020), dir. Klaudia Kęska "Submission" (2020), dir. Michał Ciechomski "Wyraj" (2020), dir. Agnieszka Nowosielska.

The selection of films for the Short Film Competition was made by the Artistic Director of the Festival, Tomasz Kolankiewicz, supported by the recommendation of the advisers appointed by him. The Double Qualification Team was composed of: a film critic Adriana Prodeus and a historian of the cinema Maciej Gil.

The 45th Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdynia will be held on December 8-12, 2020.


This Saturday, October 24, Film School Fairs as part of the Filmoteka Szkolna Festival commence. Representatives of the most important universities in Poland will take part in the fairs and present their offer and the opportunities offered by their universities.

Kieslowski Film School will be represented by Dr. Anna Huth, who will tell the participants about our offer of courses and the possibilities they bring. The meeting with Dr. Anna Huth will take place on Saturday, October 24 from 4:00 pm to 4:45 pm. The meeting will be held on ZOOM. Its recipients will be participants of the Filmoteka Szkolna program, i.e. students of secondary schools.

Filmoteka Szkolna Festival is an annual meeting of young cinema enthusiasts and their teachers. This year it takes place online from October 20-24, 2020.

Details of the program: link

Staircase of the Film School / photo by Krzysztof Szlapa

The building of the Kieslowski Film School of the University of Silesia in Katowice is in the forefront of the 9th edition of the Life in the Architecture competition - in the most important national competition for the most significant architectural projects of 2015-2019.

The "Life in the Architecture" competition has been organized by the editors of the "Architektura-murator" monthly since 1995. The competition is very popular and recognized by the architectural community, international architectural institutions as well as local and state authorities. To date over 3,000 buildings competed in the 8 editions of the Competition.

You can vote for our headquarters from October 12 to 27 by clicking on the link:

The winning facility will receive the Polish Favorite plaque. The official gala will take place on November 19 in Warsaw.

Krystian Matysek / photo Monika Dróżdż

The tenth documentary workshop has come to an end, which for the first time did not target humans, but animals! And it was also a wild animal.

The workshops took place in the Beskid Sądecki on the slopes of Eliaszówka from October 3 to 10, 2020. Masterclass for first-year students: directing and cinematography was conducted by Krystian Matysek - our excellent graduate, author of films such as "Dziobem i pazurem" ( 2001), "Niedźwiedź - władca gór" (2012), "Piasek jest drapieżnikiem" (2005), "Łowcy miodu" (2015). Beata Dzianowicz provided pedagogical supervision over the workshops.

For the results of hunting the animals with their lenses we will have to still wait a bit.