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Official opening of the new Faculty building

On Monday, October 9th, 2017 the official opening of the new Faculty building took place. The celebration was attended by the Minister of the Education and Higher Education, Jarosław Gowin, the Rector of the University of Silesia Professor Andrzej Kowalczyk, the President of Katowice Marcin Krupa, Professor Wiesław Banyś und Piotr Uszok. After the symbolic ribbon cutting the guests were given a tour by the Dean Professor Krystyna Doktorowicz. At the end of the ceremony the press briefing took place.

Next the guests went to the concert hall of the National Symphonic Orchestra of the Polish Radio for the celebration of the official 50. inauguration of the academic year at the University of Silesia. After the speech of the Rector and the speeches of the guests the students and doctoral candidates took the oath and got their index books.

The prizes Pro Scientia et Arte for the academic employees with academic and artistic achievements were granted. This year it was for Professor Krystyna Heska-Kwaśniewicz and Professor Paweł Migula. Inauguration lecture about amorphous medicaments as the hope of contemporary farmacy was made by Professor Marian Paluch.

After the break the specially composed fanfare of the University of Silesia was played.

Photo from the film "I’ve got you"

Sebastian Drożak's film I’ve got you was nominated the best short film at the sixth ODA Tetova International Film Festival in Tetovo, Macedonia.

The film tells the story of two strangers. Anka, the stewardess, wants to be forgotten, he – is looking for an adventure for one evening. One hotel night, full of unpredictability and surprising turn of events will make a woman look at her life from a completely different perspective.

The full list of winners is available at the Festival‘s website.

Inaugural lecture of Jarosław Świerszcz MA

On Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at Kieslowski Radio and Television Faculty the inauguration of academic year 2017/2018 took place.

The guests were welcomed by the Dean Professor Krystyna Doktorowicz. In a short speech, the recent artistic and scientific achievements were mentioned and the long awaited move to a new building was announced. Then the Vice-Rector for Finance and Development Professor Michał Daszykowski welcomed the guests.

In the second part, the immatriculation of the students oft he first year took place and the index books were handed out. Inaugural lecture entitled "Theater - open space" was delivered by Jarosław Świerszcz.

After the presentation of the representative of the student council Filip Pawlak, the Dean Professor Krystyna Doktorowicz announced the opening of the academic year 2017/2018.

Uniwersytet Humanistyczno–Technologiczny Lusofona

Katarzyna Woźniak the student of the MA studies in Film Production at the Faculty of Radio and Television organized o June 14 the presentation of the short films produced by the students of the Faculty for Portuguese students and the academic staff of the Department of Cinema.

The following films were screened:
Twist&Blood dir. Kuba Czekaj (2010),
Magma dir. Paweł Maślona (2013),
Wolf's Clothing dir. Olga Kałagate (2012),
All Souls' Day dir. Aleksandra Terpińska (2012).

The presentation had a warm welcome. It was followed by the discussion about the films, their themes and the way of film production by Polish students in comparison to Portuguese ones. The possibility of future cooperation between the students and further presentations of the films produced by the Faculty of Radio and Television during various cultural events in Lissabon was proposed.

The Lusofona University of Humanities and Technology is the biggest non-public university in Portugal. The name of the University comes from the word Lusofonia which means the collective of all countries where Portuguese is spoken and which are culturally and historically bonded. These countries are among others, Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, Angola and others with together more than 250 million of residents.

The average number of students at the Lusofona University is 11 thousand and the staff counts 1500 employees. Nine departments of the University (among them the Department of the Cinema) are filled with students of different nationalities and the studies are conducted in Portuguese and English. The University organises Erasmus Plus Programme.