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As part of the National Festival of Directing Art INTERPRETATIONS on November 22, 2020 at at 16.00 there will be a masterclass by Dariusz Pawelec "Transfer. Video recording of a theater performance "

Our lecturer, prof. Dariusz Pawelec will tell, among others what conditions must be met for the video recording of a theatrical performance to present the theater performance in the fullest possible form.

Registration is required for the meeting. You can register your participation at the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More about the masterclass: link

Moreover, in the program of the 20th edition of the National Festival of Directing Art Interpretations, as part of the feature section, five feature films produced by the Krzysztof Kieślowski of the University of Silesia in Katowice will be screened. The section is curated by Krzysztof Zanussi, a director, screenwriter and lecturer. The titles selected by our lecturer include: "Hi, how are you" (2019) directed by Michał Chmielewski, "Tumble" (2019) directed by Milena Dutkowska, "Never well" (2019) directed by Paweł Powolny, "I’ve got something for zou too" (2018) directed by Iwo Kondefer and "About the Boy Who Walked Barefoot" (2020) by Gracjana Piechula.

In turn, prof. Andrzej Fidyk - our lecturer and a director, is the curator of the documentary section, which will present five different documentary films. This includes, inter alia, the applicant for the American Film Academy award "My Country So Beautiful" (2019) directed by Grzegorz Paprzycki and the famous short documentary "Debut - Love" (2015) directed by Sylwia Rosak.

Kieslowski Film School is the co-organizer of the Festival.

"Material" / photo Joanna Różniak

On November 7, the 32nd Polish Film Festival in America will begin in Chicago, during which four of our short films will be presented to the American audience: "Tumble" (2019) by Milena Dutkowska, "Material" (2020) by Joanna Różniak, "What Blocks Are Humming About" (2019) by Rafał Waraczewski and "Julek" (2019) by Bartosz Toboła.

In Cyprus, in the competition for the CYIFF GOT TALENT award at the 15th edition of The Cyprus International Film Festival our film "Test" (2020) by Bartosz Toboła will compete, while in the competition at the Spanish Bilbao International School Zinema Fest we will screen our contender for Oscars "My country so beautiful" (2019) by Grzegorz Paprzycki. At a similar time, "Badylok" (2018) by Karolina Kłapkowska and "Bad Night Story" (2019) by Nawojka Wierzbowska will be shown during the 36th edition of the International Short Film Festival Berlin 2020 in the "Focus On: Poland" section.

In turn, the world premiere of our Covid documentary "Hello Grandma", dir. Kamila Chojnacka will be held on November 21 at 21:00 CET in Amsterdam during the IDFA Competition for Student Documentary. The Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival IDFA is the largest and one of the most important documentary festivals in the world.


On November 3, two new projects were launched for employees of the University of Silesia: "Research Excellence Initiative" (IDB) and a pro-quality program (new formula).

The aim of the "Research Excellence Initiative" is to strengthen the position of the University of Silesia as a research university through, among others, professional development of employees, raising the level of scientific research and increasing the recognition of universities in the international arena. Over 6 million zloty per year will be allocated for the program. "Research Excellence Initiative" consists of six areas of support:

  1. Research - financing research of international importance,
  2. Young talents - development of students and doctoral students,
  3. Mobility - financing foreign research internships,
  4. Development - training for employees,
  5. Infrastructure - purchase of research, teaching and artistic equipment,
  6. Visibility - financing open access to scientific publications.

Recruitment is currently underway in the IDB competition entitled "Freedom to research". Applications can be submitted until November 30th. Detailed information on the "Research Excellence Initiative" and individual competitions (in Polish): link.

The "pro-quality program" serves to strengthen and promote high-quality research conducted by employees of the University of Silesia. The program will reward researchers who care about the high level of their scientific activity, whose achievements meet the criteria set out in the Rector's ordinance. The pro-quality bonus, which can be granted in the amount of PLN 1 to 80 thousand, covers various types of activities, including:

  • publishing activities,
  • applying for funding for research projects (domestic and foreign),
  • expert activity,
  • running a scientific journal published at the University of Silesia,
  • establishing scientific cooperation,
  • outstanding achievements in the field of art.

This year, up to 4 million zloty has been allocated to the implementation of the pro-quality program. Detailed information about the program, including terms and conditions and the procedure, are available at: link

"End of the World" / photo by Maksymilian Plater-Zyberk

This year's official selection of the EnergaCAMERIMAGE Festival includes the film "Submission", which will take part in the Student Short Film Competition. The cinematographer for the film directed by Michał Ciechomski is Paweł Grabarek, a fifth-year student of cinematography at the Kieslowski Film School of the University of Silesia. The author of the photography in the best short film will be awarded the Golden Tadpole - Laszlo Kovacs Student Award.

On the other hand, the film "End of the World" was invited to the Panorama of Student Short Films. The cinematographer for the film directed by Karol Ulman is Maksymilian Plater-Zyberk, a fourth-year student of cinematography at the Kieślowski Film School of the University of Silesia.

The EnergaCAMERIMAGE International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography is the largest and most famous festival devoted to the art of cinematography. The festival will be held in Toruń on November 14-21, 2020.


In connection with the celebration of All Saints' Day, at the request of the Student Council, Vice-Rector for Education and Students, Prof. Katarzyna Trynda, has announced the day of November 2, 2020, as a day off from didactic classes at the University of Silesia in Katowice.