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28.09.2020 1
Creative management in new media

We are pleased to announce that we have obtained an additional source of funding and we can invite students from Poland and EU countries to study Creative management in new media without semester fees. Recruitment starts on September 28, 2020 and lasts until October 16, 2020.

Creative management in new media course is a proposal for people who already have a bachelor's or master's degree (Master of Science) and want to strengthen their competences in the area of communication in social media, as well as broaden, organize and consolidate knowledge about the new tools and techniques use of social media. Classes will be conducted entirely in English.

Time schedule and portfolio requirements:

  1. 28th September 2020 – beginning of the application process
  2. 16th October 2020 – deadline for:
    • applying in the application system of University of Silesia in Katowice (including a certificate of a Master or a Bachelor degree in English)
    • sending a portfolio proving the experience in creative industry, cultural institutions, audiovisual sector - link to social media (YT, Instagram, Vimeo etc.) or pdf file (with max. 30 pages) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  3. 20-21th October 2020 - qualification interview in English on Skype verifying knowledge about the contemporary creative industry, cultural institutions, economics of the audiovisual sector and verifying the predisposition to work in the audiovisual industry (the exact term of the interview will be send to the candidate 3 days before)


"Draugen", directed by our lecturer, Dagmara Drzazga, won the International Documentary Film Competition at the 12. Unruly Unbreakable Cursed International Film Festival in Gdynia, receiving the main prize of Witold Pilecki.

The jury awarded the prize to Dagmara Drzazga for an extremely poetic and cinematic depiction of individual fates woven into a great story and leaving us feeling that love does not die with death. The protagonist of the document is Wojciech Bogadoł, who was incorporated into the Wehrmacht and sent to Norway.

Prize of Witold Pilecki is every year awarded to "the best film about freedom". This year, 24 films from Poland and the USA, Chile, Finland, France, Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Ukraine competed in this competition category.

"Draugen" was produced by TVP Katowice.

24.09.2020 1
Angus Finney

We would like to invite our Film Production students to sign up for online classes with Angus Finney, lecturer, among others at London Film School, University of Exeter and visiting professor at Cambridge University.

Dr Finney will conduct classes in film production management on October 12-16, 2020 via the MS Teams platform.

Angus Finney is an international expert, executive producer, lecturer and author of many books, incl. The State of European Cinema, The International Film Business or The Egos Have Landed: The Rise and Fall of Palace Pictures.

Registration by e-mail at Dr. Anna Huth, at the e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Film School – patio / photo Krzysztof Szlapa

Last Wednesday, 23rd September, the building of the Kieślowski Film School in Katowice received the main prize in the Wienerberger Brick Award 2020 competition, beating over 600 competitors from around the world.

Our building also won in one of the six competition categories - Sharing public spaces.

The awards gala of the international edition of the Wienerberger Brick Award 2020 competition took place in Vienna and was broadcast online.

The competition awards buildings where the ceramics, bricks and roof tiles play the main role.

The building of the Kieślowski Film School in Katowice was designed by architects from the Baas Arquitectura studio, Grupa 5 Architekci and MAŁECCY Biuro projektowe.

Building of the Kieślowski Film School / photo Ryszard Czernow

We are pleased to inform you that the building of the Kieślowski Film School (former Radio and Television Faculty) was nominated in a competition organized by DETAIL - one of the most important architectural monthlies in the world. Our headquarters will compete with 13 other projects for the DETAIL Prize 2020.

Voting lasts until October 30, 2020.


Our headquarters has also been nominated for the international edition of the Brick Award 20. The awards gala will be held on September 23 in Vienna.

The building of the Film School was built on the basis of a design by the Spanish Baas design studio and the Warsaw based architectural studio - Grupa 5 Architekci, the authors of the winning competition from 2011, as well as the Małeccy design studio from Katowice.