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Katarzyna Warzecha

It’s real awesome directed by Katarzyna Warzecha with Piotr Pawlus as a DoP was awarded twice during one weekend! First was granted to Katarzyna Warzecha – Special Mentions Films D’écoles Européens during the 30. Jubilee edition oft he Premiers Plans Festival in France.

While Piotr Pawlus was awarded the Prize for Best Cinematography at the 11. International Film and Music Festival in Küstendorf.

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Terrace view, photo: dr hab. Ryszard Czernow

Adam Mickiewicz Institute mentioned the new building of the Faculty as one of the most interesting buildings. Three studios – Grupa 5 Architekci, BAAS arquitectura and Biuro Projektowe Małeccy created the project of the building. Its architecture is inspired by the urban silesian style combining the red brick with klinkier and wood. The Faculty building consists of a small monumental building oft he bulb factory. It connects with the new buildings created in the Katowice Culture Zone, such as: the building oft he Narodowa Orkiestra Polskiego Radia or the Silesian Museum. The Faculty of Radio and Television ist he first building in the plan oft he Science Zone in the old part of Katowice.

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On Wednesday, 27.12, the last opining of the project "School of Vision" in Jaworzno took place in the Photographic Gallery PUSTA Cd. An exhibition presented was entitled "Rozpad" by Lena Jabłońska.

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Among the nominees in the international competition of the Festival in Clermont-Ferrand was the film "Powder" by Jakub Radej.

The Festival is one of the largest and most important short film festivals in Europe and in the world. The event in Clermont-Ferrand is not just a competition, but also a film fair. The jubilee 40th edition will take place on 2.10.2018.


During the 12th edition of the International Short Film Festival ŻUBROFFKA, the first prize in the Polish Student Competition was won by Jakub Radej for the film Dust. The jury justified their choice with a combination of poetry and masterful visual precision in portraying fundamental existential fears. Damian Kocur received the Best Story Award for the film Nothing New Under the Sun. The jury motivated the choice with a perfect drama, filled with fragile figures, in a beautiful and natural environment. The jury was impressed by the convincing and human way of telling stories about social dynamics and the search for love.

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