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Photo from the movie "Evil Deeds", dir. Piotr Domalewski, DoP Bartłomiej Gocał

The Oulu International Children's and Youth Film festival is the most anticipated happening in western Finland before Christmas. During this year's 36th edition, viewers in November will see "Evil Deeds" directed by Piotr Domalewski.

The film is the story of a ten-year-old son of a hospital cleaner, who was caught on an attempt to steal a patient's wallet. It was produced by the Faculty of Radio and Television.

Krakow Film Festival Logo

On Saturday, June 3rd, we've met the laureates of the 57th edition of Krakow Film Festival. The international jury awarded the best documentary, short and animated films, which from 28th May competed for the interests of experts and audiences in 6 cinemas in Crocow.

Silver Lajkonik Award for the director of the best short feature film was given to Damian Kocur for his film Nothing new under the sun: for a suggestive and original story of loneliness, rejection and hope for proximity to another human being.

The Special Mention Award went to Jakub Radej for Dust: for an analytical portrait of evanescence, which under mundane activities hides the deep mystery of loneliness towards the end. Enchanting emptiness makes us see our face there.

Aleksandra Terpińska (in the middle) with award

The 30-minute film "The best fireworks ever" has won two awards - Canal + and Rail d'Or. The last award, which has been awarded for twenty years in a short film, was first awarded for a Polish artist.

As a director says, the film is about the big city life, which is broken by the war.

The production had it's premiere during the 56th Week of Critics in Cannes.

Kuba Czekaj with ScripTeast Award

Kuba Czekaj received the Krzysztof Kieślowski ScripTeast Prize for the best script in Central and Eastern Europe. The jury chose the best script for the eleventh time. Kubia Czekaj's "Sorry Polsko" scenario competed with eleven other form nine countries.

Kuba Czekaj, director of "Baby Bump" and "Prince Olch", previously told in his films about the difficult time of adolescence. In his new script a forty-year-old man is a hero. As the director says, "Sorry Polsko" is a sarcastic parable of what is happening in our country right now.

Photo from the movie "Last family" dir. Jan P. Matuszyński, DoP Kacper Fertacz

The jury, with Agnieszka Holland as a chairman, honored Jan P. Matuszynski with main award of $ 100 000 for the film "Last Family". He also got the possibility of getting a 1 000 000 PLN grant, if his next film is to be realized in Poland.

"Last Family" was also appreciated by the audience, which awarded their prize to the distributor of the film.

The film previously went through the selections of international productions being debuts or second feature films of the director.