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This year's Polish Film Awards Logo

On Februry 7, at the headquarters of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw nominations for the Polish Film Awards ORŁY 2017 were announced. Annual awards of Polish Film Academy are the french equivalent of the Caesars and the czech equivalent of the Lions. "The last family" directed by John P. Matuszyński received 10 nominations and "I am a murderer" directed by Maciej Pieprzyca received 9 nominations.

This year's winners will be announced on March 20.

For more information visit the official website of the Polish Film Awards.

Polish Society of Cinematographers Logo

The first stage of voting by members of Polish Society of Cinematographers has ended on Febuary 6. The final top five films are going to participate in the competition for the PSC 2017 Award. There are two movies in this top which directors of photography are graduates of the Krzysztof Kieslowski Faculty of Radio and Television. These directors of photography are Piotr Dyllus and Kacper Fertacz.

PSC Award for Best Cinematography in a feature film will be awarded for the fifth time. The gala of awards ceremony will be held on February 26.

For more information visit the official PSC website

Short Waves Festival Logo

„The Return” (dir. Damian Kocur, DoP Kacper Sędzielewski) and „Come and play with me” (dir. Milena Dutkowska, DoP Igor Połanewicz), produced by the Faculty of Radio and Television, will be presented during Short Waves Festival, which starts on March 21. These two productions will compete in Polish Competition contest, with nine other films, for the main prize in amount of 7 thousand zlotych.

For more information see the official website

Paweł Chorzępa with his prize

A gala of Andrzej Munk's Awards for best directorial debut and best operator has took place in Film School in Lodz on February 1. Paweł Chorzępa - lecturer at the Kieślowski Faculty of Radio and Television has been awarded in the category of Best Cinematography for his cinematography in "ZUD", a movie directed by Marta Minorowicz. The Jury's verdict was following: "For strong and mature feature photos created with very modest money in documentary terms. For the ability to putting the camera in the right place and for showing hope in the narrated history".

Adam Sikora with his prize

Debut by Tomáš Weinreb and Petr Kazda "I, Olga Hepnarová" has won four of the nine awards during gala of the Czech Film Critics Awards, which took place on January 28.

Czech critics praised Adam Sikora who received the award for Audiovisual Achievement. Tomáš Weinreb and Petr Kazda were awarded in the categories of Best Director and the Revelation of the Year. Michalina Olszańska was awarded in the category of Best Actress. For more information visit: