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14. Neisse Film Festival Logo

The next edition of the Neisse Film Festival will begin on May 9th. This year’s program includes three films made by students from the Faculty of Radio and Television.

In the short film competition will contest: "Goran the Camel Man" by Marcin Lesisz, Julian Tałandziewicz's "Disorder" and Sebastian Drożak’s "I ‘ve got you".

31. Tarnów Film Awards Logo

On Saturday, 29 April, the 31st edition of the Tarnów Film Awards has finished. There were twelve films that were judged by the Jury, the Youth Jury, and the audience.

Grzegorz Zariczny won the special prize for the movie "Waves" - for a delightful psychological and emotional truth. Debut, which proves the director's talent and ability to see the world and people in an inconceivable and fascinating way for the viewer.

Audience Award - "Publika" statuette received the film "Last Family" directed by Jan P. Matuszyński.

Gran Prix Award - "Maszkarona" statuette went to "I am a murderer" directed by Maciej Pieprzyca  - impressively artistically consistent, submerged in the world of the 70s, and at the same time a universal and very up to date portrait of a man infected with evil.

Papaya Young Directors Logo

Kamila Chojnacka, Milena Dutkowska and Magdalena Seweryn are three students of Krzysztof Kieślowski Faculty of Radio and Television University of Silesia who entered the second stage of the Papaya Young Directors contest. 20 of the 1076 submissions were submitted.

The authors of the selected 20 director’s explications produce their videos based on their ideas. During the production of the final entries, the creators receive funds in the amount of PLN 8000 gross, as well as support in the form of consultation, production assistance, and contacts to the contest’s partner companies (video, lighting and grip equipment, post-production houses) and producers, who will assist the finalists with their knowledge and experience.

The set of the spot "It's better to lose 5 minutes than life in 5 seconds"

Tragic accident at the pedestrian crossing, police radio car, ambulance - fortunately it is just a photo shoot of a new social spot of Silesian Police. The co-creators of the spot are students of the Faculty of Radio and Television in Katowice.

On April 10th, all-day photo shoots for the spot took place: "It's better to lose 5 minutes than life in 5 seconds". Special guest starring in the spot was Kajetan Kajetanowicz.

Krzysztof Zanussi's lecture at the University of Dallas

Krzysztof Zanussi, internationally-renowned Polish film director, scriptwriter and producer, presented the annual Eugene McDermott Lecture hosted by the University of Dallas Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts. The lecture, “Reading Signs of Time in our Days,” took place on March 29 at Las Colinas Country Club in Irving, Texas.