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Photo by: Katarzyna Mazur/Pictured: Damian Kocur

Today marks one week since the conclusion of the 18th edition of filmPOLSKA, the biggest celebration of Polish cinema outside the country. The festival is an annual event held in different studio cinemas in Berlin, and Kieślowski Film School played an integral role in it.

The film festival is organized by the Polish Institute in Berlin. "Bread and Salt," directed by Damian Kocur, won this year's edition.

As always, this year's event lived up to expectations. We're proud to announce that it featured several films directed by our graduates: "The Silent Twins" and "The Lure" by Agnieszka Smoczynska, "The Hamlet Syndrome" by Piotr Rosolowski and Elwira Niewiera, and "In Ukraine" by Piotr Pawlus and Tomasz Wolski. The featured films also included "The Field," a film directed by our student, Tomasz Grzymala, and produced by Kieślowski Film School.

The festival included various discussions, which included opportunities for attendees to get to know directors and their works. Additionally, acting workshops conducted by Dr. Anna Huth, a lecturer at our film school who has also served as the moderator of screenings in many cinemas for consecutive editions, enriched the program. Anna Huth also supervised this year's Sputnik Kino, held in Berlin.

We're eagerly looking forward to next year's festival. We sincerely hope to include more student short films in addition to feature-length films by our graduates.

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  • Attachment No. 1: Student Statement (link)
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The 39th Warsaw Film Festival's program has just been announced. We couldn't be more excited to reveal that a short feature film produced at our school will have its world premiere at this year's event!

The film "Hedgehog's Dilemma," directed by Mateusz Rybiński, centers on a young boy who ends up in an addiction center for deaf youths. During the course of his treatment, he develops feelings for a patient who has been at the center for a long time. A unique feature of the film is that it is told entirely in sign language. Tomasz Grzymała was the cinematographer. Natalia Rokicka and Rafał Cieplok handled production management.

The short film qualified to compete in the Short Film Competition in the 39th edition of the Warsaw Film Festival, which will be held from October 6 to 15, 2023.

You can watch the trailer for "Hedgehog's Dilemma" on our social media profile.

Kudos to the entire team for making this happen. Best of luck for the film festival!

Infografika OSFF

The last weekend turned out to be exceptionally successful for us.

🎬 "A little bit of paradise," directed by Dr. Andrzej Cichocki, has won the award for Best Short Documentary Film at the Oslo Short Film Festival. This achievement marks his sixteenth award. Kudos to the director!

Cichocki, a lecturer at Kieslowski Film School, depicts the fate of a family that lives "in its own microcosm." Although the chimneys of the cityscape can be seen on the horizon, life happens there on a separate track without any need for words.

The film has so far won 16 awards. Among its many awards, it received the Silver 'Lajkonik' at the Krakow Film Festival as Best Polish Documentary. It was also nominated by the Polish Society of Cinematographers (PSC) in the Best Cinematography in a Documentary category. In addition, it earned a spot in the official selection of the acclaimed International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), the world's largest documentary film festival.

Przeźrocza Festiwal Filmowy

The week is off to a promising start! "The Field" by Tomasz Grzymala received an Honorable Mention for cinematography for a documentary short in the 9th Transparency Film Festival.

The jury's words of praise are as follows: For telling a story with image, proportion, contrast, and color, thanks to which the viewer is immersed in the depicted world with almost palpable intensity. For frames that could live as independent paintings.

The documentary tells the story of a cow farmer living in a remote region who discovers the existence of a hitherto unknown physical force. In order to investigate it, he constructs various measuring instruments and tries to solve the mystery that does not give him peace.

"The Field" will compete at filmPOLSKA in Berlin's Sputnik Cinema on September 9 at 20:00. In addition, at this year's edition of Przeźroczy, "Rocking Horses," directed by Marcin Lesisz and produced by Studio Munk, received an award. The film won the Grand Prix, sharing the honor with " Połączenia", directed by Ming-Wei Chiang. Lesisz also won the Audience Award for his documentary.

 Further information regarding the winners can be found at the: link