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Main slide of the presentation titled Formy i gatunki telewizyjne

We're proud to announce that our second-year students in the Production and Television Organisation have created a compendium of knowledge about television practices and genres. The work, which has taken the form of a presentation, has over 200 slides.

Prof. Kazimierz Wolny-Zmorzyński, vice dean for education and students, offered scientific supervision. It is also worth noting that, in addition to citing statutory definitions, he attempted to delve into the question: format or genre?

The work, titled "Forms and Genres of Television," provides us with basic theoretical knowledge supported by practical examples. True to its title, it delves deeper into different genres in television, encompassing journalism (talk shows, reviews, reportages), film (documentary, gangster, spy, cut-out animation), theatre and stage (concert, benefit, pantomime), music (opera, ballet, song), and scientific and popular science (reconstruction, popular science fiction films).

In the presentation, you will find graphic and audiovisual materials to indicate the comparison of individual television forms, both domestic and foreign.

Here are the names of all the students who worked on the project: Aleksandra Kaczorowska, Aleksandra Murias, Amelia Zalewska, Artur Guzik, Bruno Bednarski, Dawid Małek, Dominika Uliszak, Jakub Jaskóła, Jakub Kaszny, Jakub Kawalec, Jan Sapiński, Jan Wierzbicki, Julia Charmuszko, Kalina Bienias, Kalina Głowińska, Kamil Warszawski, Kamila Kopczyńska, Kinga Swerczek, Konrad Mrozek, Laura Barańska, Lena Pach, Maciej Muszkatel, Maksymilian Małota, Małgorzata Gryko, Marcin Kamiński, Mikołaj Kalarus, Natalia Bąba, Patryk Polkowski, Patryk Zojdź, Piotr Janosz, Veronica Gigliotti, Zofia Nawrocka. Last but not least, Jan Klein did an exclusive role in handling the editorial work.

A hearty congratulations to all the students who participated in this massive project. The link below will enable you to familiarize yourself with the project. In addition, it's a valuable resource for anyone who is even remotely interested in television genres. Don't miss the opportunity to expand the horizons of your knowledge: link

The Field | realiztion Tomasz Grzymała

September is just around the corner, and with its commencement, we are embarking on an adventure of short film festivals with short films produced at the Kieslowski Film School.

Two of our films will be featured at the Przeźrocza Film Festival:

Błysk Oka (In the Flash of an Eye) category: 2nd Block (September 1)
🎬 The Field | director: Tomasz Grzymała | documentary short

Plenerówka (Outdoor): Cinematic Relaxation Vol. 2 (September 2nd)
🎬 Krzyś | director and cinematographer: Daniel Le Hai | production manager: Filip Kantor | documentary short

Head onto this link for more information:

Meanwhile, the second edition of the Bana Film Festival will take place in September, and we're excited to announce that three of our productions will feature in this event as well.

2nd block (September 1):
🎬 Afonia | director: Marta Z. Nowak | director of photography (dop): Jakub Stoszek | production manager: Kalina Bienias | short film

🏆 3rd block (September 2)
🎬 Quiver | director: Joanna Różniak | director of photography (dop): Łukasz Łatanik | production manager: Jakub Lebiedziński | short film

🎬 Children and Fish | director: Gracjana Piechula | director of photography (dop): Aleksandra Kamińska | production manager: Julia Wasiak & Damazy Stasiak | short film

Visit the festival's official website to find out more:

A week later, we will move to Germany, where in the 18. FILMPolska, a documentary by Tomasz Grzymała will feature in the Night of Shorts section (September 9). The event will take place at Berlin's Sputnik Cinema.

Proceed to this link for more information:

Congratulations to all the teams. We wish you success in the competitions.

Hekele director Łukasz Sikora

We're thrilled to announce that five short films, produced by Kieślowski Film School students, will be vying for top honors at this year's Polish Film Festival in Gdynia.

Here are the details of the contenders in the Short Film Competition:

🎬 Hekele | Director: Łukasz Sikora | Cinematographer: Jakub Stoszek | Production Manager: Nikodem Cofała

🎬 Herstory | Director: Tomasz Stuleblak | Cinematographer: Daniel Le Hai & Jan Barszczewski | Production Manager: Dorota Chłapek, Aleksandra Gajdosz i Weronika Podgórska

🎬 Mania! | Director: Lena Jaworska | Cinematographer: Paweł Kozak | Production Manager: Kamil Warszawski

🎬 Dancing on the Clouds; | Director: Michał Mieszczyk | Cinematographer: Igor Połaniewicz | Production Manager: Edyta Bełza i Yana Honcharenko

🎬 The Salesman | Director: Patryk Kaflowski | Cinematographer: Daniel Le Hai | Production Manager: Weronika Kozioł

Main Competition:

A film that is the product of collaboration among our faculty members has secured a spot in the main competition.

🎬 Kos | Director: Paweł Maślona | koprodukcja Aneta Hickinbotham AURUM FILM

Heartfelt congratulations to all those who contributed to the production of these short films. We're cheering you on to the finish line!

Herstory Director: Tomasz Stuleblak
Mania! Director: Lena Jaworska
Pierwszy taniec w chmurach Director: Michał Mieszczyk
Sprzedawca Director: Patryk Kaflowski
Kos Director: Paweł Maślona (photo Łukasz Bąk)

photo Łukasz Dambiec / Fundacja Film Inkubator

Kieślowski Film School is an integral part of the ongoing Polish-Ukrainian film workshops in Katowice.

"Only Ashes" is a Polish-Ukrainian film workshop produced by the Film Inkubator Foundation in Katowice and financed by the PZU Foundation. Participants from Poland and Ukraine are afforded the opportunity to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of creative activities. These range from acting skills and working with a director or professional actor to working with the camera surrounded by experienced organizers and co-creators.

After weeks of preparation, the production stage of the workshop is currently underway and will be crowned with the production of two short films, directed and written by Przemysław Kopacz, a student of Directing at the Kieślowski Film School and a graduate of the AMA Film Academy in the field of film editing in Krakow.

In addition, the cinematographer of the films created during the workshops is the highly talented Lena Jabłońska. She is not only a student at the film school, studying Film Image Implementation and Photography, but also a camera operator who has worked on many notable films, such as "Bread and Salt" by Damian Kocur, a Kieślowski Film School student, and Jan Komasa's "Haters" and "Suicide Room."

Also working on the project is a graduate of Kieślowski Film School, Justyna Koziarz, who is a producer at the Film Inkubator Foundation.

Interestingly, the films feature actors from Poland and Ukraine, both professionals and amateurs selected through casting. The films created in the workshops will premiere in 2024. The project aims to integrate and empower Poles and Ukrainians. To check out the photographs from the workshop, just click this link.

photo Modestas Endriuška

Summer Media School workshops for film school students and young professionals, which started on June 23, 2023, are drawing to a close on July 6, 2023.

The two-week residency workshops organized in Lithuania gave participants the opportunity to create short films. Kieślowski Film School students, who are in the second year of Creative Management in New Media, made these films in cooperation with students from Lithuania, Spain, Finland, Latvia, and Estonia.

For our students, the workshops were a part of the classes conducted by Kieślowski Film School lecturer Dr. Anna Huth. They were also part of Erasmus+ BIP, which consists of short, intensive programs that focus on innovative learning methods.

We've incorporated photographs that capture the intensity of the production process - link.

You can also find posters of films co-produced by Dr. Anna Huth and our students.