Szkoła Filmowa im. Krzysztofa Kieślowskiego |

I came to ERASMUS+ programme from Latvia. I had a great semester here in Katowice at the University of Silesia. For me the best part about the learning experience was the workshops. I would enjoyed if there were more of workshops like these. I liked the practical stuff the most. I can really appreciate, when I can actually work with camera, lights, actors e.t.c. I also liked that the teachers were there all the time, suggesting things and observing the process. As a cinematographer the best thing was that I had a chance to work with a light department and Polish students, who made the light setups. In my own experience I usually have only 2-3 assistants, and also have to work with lights myself. Here, in the workshops, it was great, that I could tell the light department, what kind of lights I want, and proceed with other important things, such as framing, blocking, rehearsal with actors etc.

Andris Dadzītis
Nationality: Latvia
Year of Study: 2018/2019

Erasmus in Poland is great! The Faculty of Radio and Television is really so amazing. We had a very good experience. The workshops are very fun (especially workshop with Ms. Anna Huth and Mr Paweł Chorzepa!) Multimedia classes were also so productive, we have done lot of thing with different media tools.
Choose The Faculty of Radio and Television for Erasmus! You will not regret it and you will have a good time.

Ece Pinar Kapici
Nationality: Turkey
Year of Study: 2018-2019


I really liked a lot of things in my Erasmus studies in the Faculty of Radio and Television. Firstly, the university looks great, it is very modern and it has a really cool architecture. A lot of natural light coming in from the big windows, I also like the fact that there isn't too much confusion in the halls and too much noise, it's a quiet and very functional place. I really like the classes because they were all interesting to me, I was always learning things, for example, how important lights are in a movie, how to write scripts, how to shoot a short movie, how to take interesting photos, how to look for a story and a caracter, how to crop them so they can have more meaning and look more beautiful, etc.
I remember well the cinematography classes, they were my favourite. Andrzej Cichocki is a great teacher and I have learn a lot about different topics. I left this university and Poland with a big sorrow. I have learnt a lot, I have acquired much knowledge that will be important for me in the next years, I hope someday I will be able to come back.

Bruno Vieira
Nationality: Portugal
Year of Study: 2018/2019