Plan C

Plan C

Director: Sylwia Rosak

Screenwriter: Sylwia Rosak

Director of photography: Natalia Pietsch

Editor: Sylwia Rosak

Sound: Michał Wójcik, Wojciech Szuperski

Production manager: Katarzyna Sierka

Artistic supervisor: Maciej Pieprzyca

Cast: Ziemowit Pędziwiatr, Mateusz Grabowski, Robert Czebotar, Daniel Barczyński, Agnieszka Czekańska

Year of production: 2019

Running time: 23'

Former disco polo genre star Jan Prostojan, after couple of years absence, has a chance of coming back to the stage. His only rival is worshipped Mariusz "Mario", a new generation's artist. Jan comes with a plan, that will make him remembered forever. He is willing to do such an act, which hasn't been seen in disco polo yet. His only way of winning is to balance on a thin line between life and death.

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Festival screenings of the film:

Kustendorf International Film and Music Festival, Drvengrad - Mokra Gora, Serbia, 2020 – in competition

49. Lubuskie Film Summer, Łagów, Poland, 2020 – screening

5. Pyszadło, Mogilno, Poland, 2021 - in competition

Offeliada, Gniezno, Poland, 2021 – in competition