Last Days of Summer

Last Days of Summer

Director: Klaudia Kęska

Screenwriter: Klaudia Kęska

Director of photography: Kamil Małecki

Editor: Alan Zejer

Sound: Krzysztof Owczarek

Production manager: Stanisław Bryś, Aleksandra Gajdosz, Ewa Dubiel

Artistic supervisor: Maciej Pieprzyca

Cast: Julia Kuzka, Sonya Slousarenko, Jan Hrynkiewicz, Monika Kwiatkowska, Grzegorz Damięcki

Year of production: 2020

Running time: 28'

A summer idyll in a thriving family vineyard is interrupted by an assault on Yana, one of its seasonal workers. The victim’s story can only be confirmed by one person, her friend Tosia. The teenager faces a difficult moral dilemma between justice and protecting her family. What will she choose?

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Festival screenings of the film:

60. Krakow Film Festival, Krakow, Poland, 2020 - Best Cinematography Award for Kamil Małecki, Special Mention for acting – Julia Kuzka in the national competition

39. Debuts Film Festival MŁODZI I FILM, Koszalin, Poland 2020 – in competition

36. Warsaw Film Festival, Warsaw, Poland, 2020 – screening in the „Best Polish Shorts 2020” section

WAMA Film Festival, Olsztyn, Poland, 2020 – in competition

18. International Film Festival Tofifest, Toruń, Poland, 2020 - in competition

Euroshorts Young Filmmakers International Film Festival, Gdańsk, Poland, 2020 - in competition

45. Polish Film Festival, Gdynia, Poland, 2020 - in competition

18. Węgiel Film Festiwal, Katowice, Poland, 2021 – in competition

Vienna Shorts International Film Festival, Vienna, Austria, 2021 - in competition

67. OKFA, Konin, Poland, 2021 - Youth Jury Award

2. Long Story Short Film Festival, Wrocław, Poland, 2021 – in competition

International Short Film Festival ŻUBROFFKA, Białystok, Poland, 2021 – in competition

14. Polish National Film Meetings Kameralne Lato, Radom, Poland, 2021 – in competition

24. Summer with Muses Festival, Nowogard, Poland, 2021 - in competition

13. Solanin Film Festival, Nowa Sól, Poland, 2021 – in competition

New Horizons International Film Festival, Wrocław, Poland, 2021 – screening

"Wajda na Nowo" Film Festival, Suwałki, Poland, 2021 - in competition

BuSho Budapest Short Film Festival, Budapest, Hungary, 2021 - screening

50. Lubuskie Film Summer, Łagów, Poland, 2021 – Special Mention for acting for Julia Kuzka

24. International Film Festival Zoom – Zblizenia, Jelenia Góra, Poland, 2021 – in competition

Offeliada, Gniezno, Poland, 2021 – in competition